OK, Here’s the Story …

We make music.  Not like for money (anymore) or anything.  It’s just something we do anyway.   So why not let folks use it…  That’s right  royalty-free background music.  Check out the Soundtracks page for our newest tracks.

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We are (sort of) interested in doing short-format soundtrack, theme, or background music for :

  • Video games / game developers
  • In-house commercial video projects
  • Selected private projects
  • Anything else that sounds fun and creative

Additionally, for selected projects, we will even compose and record new music.

We’ll be happy to cook up 5-10 second short intro/outro riffs for branding themes and series videos / shows.

What We Gots:  With real musicians playing real instruments,* as well as 1000000000s (binary) of synth sounds and samples, we can play pretty much any style.  Tell us what you want.

Our compositions are modular, meaning here are a couple main themes which can be swapped, shifted around, lengthened, shortened, or otherwise modified or embellished.   We are not just a warehouse of songs.  We want to work with you to make your project better.  [Emoticon]

The songs available on this site will generally be rough mixes in mp3 format.  For selected projects we can tweak as desired, and even write new parts or music.  In the end, we can provide a final mix in a big fat .wav or other format.

If you just wanna use tunes as is, let us know we’ll make a copy available.

What we want:  Of course, this is not an entirely altruistic endeavor.   We will want credit and a linkback to this site where practicable.  We want to know where and how our stuff is being used.  And obviously we’re building a portfolio here, and we’re having fun, so we get something out of it.

Our Business Model:  

  1. We don’t actually have time to do this
  2. We don’t care if you like our stuff, ’cause we do
  3. If it ain’t fun, we’re done

We call what we do BigAssRobot’s Free Royalty-Free Commercial Background & Soundtrack Music/Noise, and have shortened that to this easy-to-remember-and-pronounce acronym:

We Don’t Do Ambient:  Anyone can hold a D minor for 3 minutes and call it ambient music.  Get it from them.  (D minor is “the saddest of all keys” according to Nigel Tufnel, of Spinal Tap. What is funny about that to keyboard players is that D minor is also the easiest of all keys.  All white keys.  Can hardly go wrong.)

When you need free music for your project,
just remember this simple phrase:


(Theme music coming soon)


* But using fake names. Can’t be messing with the SEO for our day jobs.


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