Fri. Party Song Bite

I’ve been trying to work up a new version of a song and raw-take record it every Friday (or so).  Seems like a thing to do…

The (malleable) Rules are:

  1. Song must be about partying, rocking, California, or have an F-bomb.
  2. Pick it. Learn it. Play it. Done.
  3. No edits, no dubs, no effects.
  4. Best of two full takes only.

Unofficially, I don’t do the whole song.  It’s not that interesting.  It’s only about 1min 30sec interesting.

We welcome requests or suggestions in the comments below.

“Sabotage” (on Cuica) – Beastie Boys. This is not an easy instrument.


“Closer” – NIN. Because it seemed like a good idea at the time.


“You Gotta Fight For Your Right (to Party)” – Beastie Boys.  This was kind of a dare.


“Precious” – The Pretenders.  I like Major 7s.


“I want to rock and roll all night” – Kiss of course.


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