BigAssRobot [the front page]

We make music. We used to be a band that played songs and stuff. But now we’re a project that does music like soundtracks to home video and just random bits.

Feel free to use any of the instrumentals, like on this Soundtracks page with some car-themed tracks, et al.

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We used to call what we do BigAssRobot’s Free Royalty-Free Commercial Background & Soundtrack Music/Noise, and have shortened that to this easy-to-remember-and-pronounce acronym:

We Don’t Do Ambient:  Anyone can hold a D minor for 3 minutes and call it ambient music.  Get it from them.  (D minor is “the saddest of all keys” according to Nigel Tufnel, of Spinal Tap. What is funny about that to keyboard players is that D minor is also the easiest of all keys.  All white keys.  Can hardly go wrong.)

When you need free music for your project,
just remember this simple phrase:


(Theme music coming soon)