There’s a story about BigAssRobot, but we’ll get to that in a bit.  Here’s Glitch live in San Diego in 1999.

Now the story …

So I had this dream in like 2000 about the domain BigAssRobot.com,  so I bought it.  Also had a band at the time called Glitch.  Turned  out there were many many bands called Glitch.  So the silly site BigAssRobot became the band name about 2003.   Now there’s just two of us (and multiple personality).  Is that still a band?  Sure.  Shut up.  No you!

BigAssRobot is:

  • G MacGuffin  – keyboards, drums, percussion, compositions & arrangements
  • Schlock Knock  – guitars, bass, drums, parts on demand
  • Skeeky Webo, Jr.  – animation, video prod & editing, composition


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