Presenting … (wait for it) …  Featured sounds written and recorded by the BaR


And here’s the newest and last of this series of putative CarVids: DumpTruck, which was named that to remind us to make it noisy.  A lumbering grungy metallic swinging thing.  Kinda like a bear in a tool shed – yeah, that’s it.  This one’s a fave — real soundworm generator.


Our (second) newest bit.  It’s a surf tune! It’s twangy mellorificness! It’s Serf Lourdes! It’s a homophone! It’s pronounced the same but has different meaning and spelling.   And we play it pretty straight.  This would be a lovely recurring theme for a web show … a mellow one I suppose.  Check it out.  Or just goes well with vids that need a thematic surf tune in them.


Here’s our (second) (third) newest rough mix – Beastly.  This bad boy is a noisy driving thing … maybe for driving over.  As usual, the tune is totally modular, dude.  So’s we can move stuff around or whatever prior to final mix.

And yes, it’s my dog on the beach in Santa Barbara.  Gotta save the good vacation footage for actual projects.


Then we move on to  Rough Ride, this tune is currently pending word from the folks we gave first option on it, but not for long.  Fun little ditty with some old-school noise meets techsynth noise.   Perfect for that 120 bpm vid featuring vehicles … and stuff.

And here we have CatFish, Pt. 2, which is a faux metal thing, with lots of 120 bpm punch. … and solos.  This would be great for going really fast in or on something.


We’re working on more as we speak.  Meanwhile, if you need something of a particular mood or speed or  style, etc., let us know and depending on the project and circumstances and time permitting, etc., we might give it a shot.

And check out our Older Free Instrumentals page for more  tunes.

G. MacGuffin


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