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Some Thoughts on Old-School Blogging

Remember back when Blogger hit the scene way back in the 90s, and it was like a godsend to a spastic website builder like myself — constantly lifting javascript and somehow getting it to work … sometimes, without much idea why mostly; and then there’s this platform where you just type a bunch of stuff and hit go and it all comes out formatted, and wow, they were everywhere! And so many blogs were just people ranting away at nothing in particular — hell I had bunches — and usually something vitriolic and hopefully polemic so it would start a fight in the comments and they would be famous.  And I would read them with interest only to lose interest in many, or to lose track entirely — and yet … here were all these people pouring their hearts out and saying really odd stuff and it was as if the world had a voice, and it was all about talking about itself, and sometimes finding someone who cared, and it was beautiful.

And I’m glad there’s other stuff to read.

Here is a link to some big-ass robots to serve as a lame attempt at continuity.

Yankees 6 / Angels 5 @ bottom of 9th

DumpTruck – Grungy Royalty-Free Sampler by BigAssRobot

Been a while, I know. But hey, life and stuff. So, this new song DumpTruck was actually completed a few weeks ago, and by “completed” I mean we just abandoned it as is. Made the mistake of really really liking it… obsession, that sort of thing … makes it hard to finish.

Anyway, DumpTruck is a swinging … er, lumbering tune that just begged for some noise, like old machinery, rusty metal, stuff like that.  Guitars too. And of course, the first thing that comes to mind in that context is old-school square-wave synth … right? Well, this is a groovy tune that we like a lot, so after that … not much else.

And yes, that’s GTA San Andreas PS2, shot with handheld cam ’cause we were too lazy to walk the 30  feet to the tripod.  And too lazy to find an actual dumptruck.  But damn, shooting down a helicopter…