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I Dig a Pony … a Minecraft Pony

So Schlock’s running this Minecraft server. And Beatles’ I Dig a Pony kept popping into my head … and the lyrics oddly fit Minecraft. So we did this Beatles / Minecraft Theme mashup piano version and I cut this vid today. There’s ponies!

Oh, and this is my fairly new Blue Spark mic which is simply superb.

Red Rocker is a Big Ass Robot … for a bit anyway

In keeping with the whole robot thing, here’s the third installment of my Red Rocker Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robot in the Real World photo-animation series.   I took pics of Red Rocker, then animated them over real footage.  Fun.

This is Ep. 2.5, and Red learns something about proportion, and does some damage.

If you like, here’s the playlist for the whole Red Rocker / Real World series (5 quickies).

Skeeky Webo, Jr. Signing On

K, Im up and running here — got some Tunes and Toons up  at my little tabs and will be back with animations soon … but not tonight.

And Now Some Sacred Cemetery Action

By my friend Skeeky Webo Jr. over at YouTube: MrSkeeky