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“I’m a loner, Dottie. A rebel.” in Morse Code, as a bass line. Because…

We were having fun with Morse Code and realized there is a specific rhythm with specific counts for dits and dahs and spaces.  Where there is rhythm, there’s music (or poetry, I suppose).  So we graphed out “I’m a loner, Dottie. A rebel.” in Morse Code (and no, I do not feel the need to source the quote, okay, fine), plugged it into a step sequencer, and then turned the notes into a bass line. Then we added some drums (that was the hard part) to the odd bit, I did this animation, and …

My Guest Post on Techdirt … Last Week (Lagging)

So TechDirt can post dozens of lengthy stories a day … if you don’t see it when it posts you’ll have to look for it.  And I can’t even get my own post there into this blog for a whole week.  Hey – there’s all this stuff in real life that needs doing, and there’s baseball.

Anyway, I was asked and honored to do last week’s Saturday guest post, as that super-cool ubergeekerific.  Here ’tis: GMacGuffin’s Favorite Techdirt Posts Of The Week | Techdirt

Some Thoughts on Old-School Blogging

Remember back when Blogger hit the scene way back in the 90s, and it was like a godsend to a spastic website builder like myself — constantly lifting javascript and somehow getting it to work … sometimes, without much idea why mostly; and then there’s this platform where you just type a bunch of stuff and hit go and it all comes out formatted, and wow, they were everywhere! And so many blogs were just people ranting away at nothing in particular — hell I had bunches — and usually something vitriolic and hopefully polemic so it would start a fight in the comments and they would be famous.  And I would read them with interest only to lose interest in many, or to lose track entirely — and yet … here were all these people pouring their hearts out and saying really odd stuff and it was as if the world had a voice, and it was all about talking about itself, and sometimes finding someone who cared, and it was beautiful.

And I’m glad there’s other stuff to read.

Here is a link to some big-ass robots to serve as a lame attempt at continuity.

Yankees 6 / Angels 5 @ bottom of 9th

Rehearsal Pics – Serf Lourdes (it’s a homophone)

Working on this surf-type track called Serf Lourdes, pronounced … well you get it.   Started by going for some Mexican food at the local *bertos.  Bastards forgot my bean & cheese burrito, which is essential to round off the tacos.

Me and FrankenSteve laying down a twangy track.  I am not the guitarist.  FrankenSteve is this cheap guitar with a good neck that we gutted and replaced all the innards and now it’s great, and you don’t have to worry about it, ’cause it was cheap … initially anyway.

This is where Schlock’s stray picks end up.  That wooden one sounds … odd.  Schlock was taking pictures by edict, so he was shooting stuff like this.









Update:  Here’s the finished mix of Serf Lourdes.

Groovy for Braun

Really pleased that Ryan Braun won the appeal of his test positive.  First guy ever to win appeal of MLB drug test.  He seems like a good kid, and man can he play ball.  Plus,  he was an  insane slugger on my Android baseball game app.  Ryan Braun exonerated, won’t be suspended | News.

And More Swag! BigAssRobot Flying Flaming Mug


Q:  So how do you fit a BigAssRobot on a coffee mug?

A:  First you use a picture of the BaR to account for size limitations, reduce the picture, then you turn him sideways.

Q:  But why would the BigAssRobot be  sideways?

A:  Duh! Because he’s flying!  That’s why he’s got flames coming out his feet, to make that clear.

Anyway, here’s our shop, where you can buy this … or not.

Let’s Learn the American Manual Alphabet Sign Language

I used to know these when I was a kid.  Actually came in handy.  Still use the count 1-10 on one hand technique.   Here’s Wikipedia on the subject.

We BaRs were messing with it, and it is rather conducive to text speak.  Since OMFG and WTF can be easily signed, as well as a host of other curse words and childish things.  Yup, 40-something guys doing gang signs in text-speak.   I guess you had to be there.  But really, try it!  Guaranteed fun!

Skeeky Webo, Jr. Signing On

K, Im up and running here — got some Tunes and Toons up  at my little tabs and will be back with animations soon … but not tonight.