Some Thoughts on Old-School Blogging

Remember back when Blogger hit the scene way back in the 90s, and it was like a godsend to a spastic website builder like myself — constantly lifting javascript and somehow getting it to work … sometimes, without much idea why mostly; and then there’s this platform where you just type a bunch of stuff and hit go and it all comes out formatted, and wow, they were everywhere! And so many blogs were just people ranting away at nothing in particular — hell I had bunches — and usually something vitriolic and hopefully polemic so it would start a fight in the comments and they would be famous.  And I would read them with interest only to lose interest in many, or to lose track entirely — and yet … here were all these people pouring their hearts out and saying really odd stuff and it was as if the world had a voice, and it was all about talking about itself, and sometimes finding someone who cared, and it was beautiful.

And I’m glad there’s other stuff to read.

Here is a link to some big-ass robots to serve as a lame attempt at continuity.

Yankees 6 / Angels 5 @ bottom of 9th

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I prolifically produce music & soundtracks, videos, graphics, writes, and basic code as long as it's not baseball season. And I like it all kind of raw.

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