Prior Scores

Here are a few of the vacation and misc videos I’ve been scoring for a while.

Then I’ll say something here.  Followed by more.

In addition to the four scores below, check out the Skeeky’s Toons page for these three vids which are essentially scores as well:

Matrix vs. Skynet – with fake action movie trailer soundtrack

Mas Campana de Vaca (More Cowbell!) – with lyrics by Mrs. Webo, Jr., who inspired this Latin song.

Panda Hunt – quiet minimalist background in 7/11 time or something

– Skeeky Webo, Jr.


Meteor Crater – Experience the Impact!  is a from-scratch score to the final  cut of the  video.   Fun recurring themes and a faux Ennio Morricone thing going.

1 Meteor Crater | 2  Scattering Ashes  |  3 San Geronimo Church |  4 Sewer Snake Cam

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