Monthly Archives: February 2012

New Swag! BigAssRobot “Life Needs a Soundtrack” T-shirt

This bad boy is nice and simple.  Just a white T, and a big-ass robot.  Fun for all most ages!

White BigAssRobot T-shirt > SeeUinHell Stuff.

BigAssRobot Gets a New Home! … and T-Shirt

That’s right kids, BigAssRobot has a new site for its new purpose – doing soundtracks for stuff.  And with that burst of creative energy, we’ll soon be unveiling a  new shirt as well.  Here’s the design.  ©2012 BigAssRobot

BigAssRobot Mania

(And we’re testing the Twitter link too.)

Late Nite Taco Run


And Now Some Sacred Cemetery Action

By my friend Skeeky Webo Jr. over at YouTube: MrSkeeky


Sewer Snake Cam AcidTrance Remix – BigAssRobot goes … underground

Here’s this odd score we did … no real explanation except the snake really was going down the pipe with rhythm … about 120 bpm on average, actually.