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And More Swag! BigAssRobot Flying Flaming Mug


Q:  So how do you fit a BigAssRobot on a coffee mug?

A:  First you use a picture of the BaR to account for size limitations, reduce the picture, then you turn him sideways.

Q:  But why would the BigAssRobot be  sideways?

A:  Duh! Because he’s flying!  That’s why he’s got flames coming out his feet, to make that clear.

Anyway, here’s our shop, where you can buy this … or not.

Let’s Learn the American Manual Alphabet Sign Language

I used to know these when I was a kid.  Actually came in handy.  Still use the count 1-10 on one hand technique.   Here’s Wikipedia on the subject.

We BaRs were messing with it, and it is rather conducive to text speak.  Since OMFG and WTF can be easily signed, as well as a host of other curse words and childish things.  Yup, 40-something guys doing gang signs in text-speak.   I guess you had to be there.  But really, try it!  Guaranteed fun!

Z3TA+ 2.1 Waveform Synth GUI Pic

I’m about to download Cakewalk’s Z3TA+ 2.1. Unfortunate name really. Zowie would be cool … anything. It ain’t a freaking BMW. Anyway, I have the last version and really like it. This version promises:

New filters, modulatable waveshapers, flexible effects, expressive control and a gorgeous new interface make Z3TA+ 2.1 one seriously powerful synth.

New in Z3TA+ 2.1: 
• Completely redesigned user interface
• Quicker access to needed controls
• More parameters and controls
• 1,093 classic Z3TA+ patches
• Over 1,000 newly crafted sounds
• All new patch browser
• New filter types
• New waveshapers
• New modulation destinations
• Revamped FX section with drag and drop
• New Performance Module
• And much more!

So maybe I’ll be able to figure out what tweaking the knobs is doing in this version.  I’m sure it’ll have some uses.  Mostly I’m sure I’ll be spending long hours going through the new patches, and tweaking sounds to a loop for mind-boggling stretches until my head’s about to explode.  G


Update 2/20/12

Installed it today and it really is awesome.  User Guide is in the documentation folder at the install location, and it at least tells you what the symbols and parameters are.  After that, with the routing map, it’s all pretty standard oscillat0r-filter-envelope synthesis.  Nicely arranged with sub-screens for various functions.  New sounds are even better, and more easily tweaked (that is, you can understand what you just did, and why it changed what about the sound).

Oh that I had unlimited free time to build 6-oscillator mad fat noise from the ground up…

New Swag! BigAssRobot “Life Needs a Soundtrack” T-shirt

This bad boy is nice and simple.  Just a white T, and a big-ass robot.  Fun for all most ages!

White BigAssRobot T-shirt > SeeUinHell Stuff.

BigAssRobot Gets a New Home! … and T-Shirt

That’s right kids, BigAssRobot has a new site for its new purpose – doing soundtracks for stuff.  And with that burst of creative energy, we’ll soon be unveiling a  new shirt as well.  Here’s the design.  ©2012 BigAssRobot

BigAssRobot Mania

(And we’re testing the Twitter link too.)

Late Nite Taco Run


And Now Some Sacred Cemetery Action

By my friend Skeeky Webo Jr. over at YouTube: MrSkeeky


Sewer Snake Cam AcidTrance Remix – BigAssRobot goes … underground

Here’s this odd score we did … no real explanation except the snake really was going down the pipe with rhythm … about 120 bpm on average, actually.